St. Patrick's Day


Marzo 2019


Una vez más nos sumamos a la tradición Irlandesa del "wearing of the green" para celebrar St. Patrick's Day. Junto a docentes y estudiantes, reflexionamos sobre la alegría que marca esta celebración y la importancia de perseguir los sueños, disfrutamos de las tradicionales danzas irlandesas interpretadas por nuestros alumnos de Baile escocés e Irlandés, al tiempo que los estudiantes de Secondary 6 tuvieron la oportunidad de compartir con todos los alumnos de Sede Central, la experiencia vivida en el Viaje institucional a Irlanda y Reino Unido.

Compartimos las palabras de nuestra Head of English Studies, Rosa Sánchez. "Commemorating St. Patrick's Day is celebrating the life of someone who had a vision that the world deserved better, that there was a different way of doing things and that this way would lead to happiness and realization. His passion for his beliefs knew no boundaries and he made it his purpose to spread them, inspiring the Irish, and the world, to pursue our dreams, no matter how amazingly difficult to achieve they might seem to be.

His beliefs were strong, powerful: he believed he could exercise a significant change to the world surrounding him. And we certainly can identify ourselves with that, can we not? We believe in what we do here, each and every one of us. We believe education is the way to change the world, to make it a better place, one where peace is the rule, one where we respect our equals regardless our differences, one where we recognize ourselves as citizens of the world, responsible for it, in all its dimensions.

St Patrick’s life was not an easy one, you all know that. Remembering his hardships, his time as a slave, imagining what it must have been like for a child to face what he had to face, should help us give his actions the great dimension they deserve. But adversity did not stop him, just like it did not stop us. Adversity made him stronger, as it did with us. Adversity will always be there in our path. Being aware of this, will make us more resilient, more tenacious, and this can only be good.

Today, we’re invited to stop for a minute and wonder what we, as individuals and as a community, can do to live up to the challenge to create a finer society. This is not something we should only read about, or talk about. This is something we must do something about.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!"